Month: May 2007

May 12, 2007

Business Wise for beginners

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Pierre Leonard

Not only has my Belgian business partner Pierre Léonard over at Virtual Words contributed to Business Wise, an Ecademy business book, but I actually proofread his article without realising it (I was too busy to notice, shame on me!). My Dutch networking colleague Marieke Hensel of Henselutions also contributed to it. It’s a small world after all!

Business Wise is a truly collective work and is not linked to any specific country or culture. It is perfect for beginners.

And then there was my visit to the Ecademy Brussels Club last Tuesday, led in part by Pierre (that’s him in the picture). I had a great time, made useful connections and got to do one of my favourite things: speak three languages in one evening.

Of all the online, business networking platforms I have tried over the years, the best one so far has been Ecademy. Why? Because members aren’t just spamming others and pushing their products, they are looking for serious connections with others. So far, so good!

(Photo: Me using my brand new Sony Ericsson K800i)

Buy the book by clicking on it here!


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