November 21, 2007

WordPress upgrades, events and more

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juggling balls

I am having my four sites upgraded to WordPress 2.3.1, hence the new look of things on 24oranges, Dunglish, Radio Oh la la and Chez Natasha. And then once this is all sorted, we (as in me and some friends) will be launching blog/website number 5, more on this when it’s ready.

Look out for an article with me and some francophile friends in Dutch magazine HP/De Tijd within two weeks. Guuzbourg and his new Filles Fragiles CD and Les Playmobils will be mentioned too.

I’ll also be going on about podcasts again at the upcoming second edition of the Lifehacking Academy in Arnhem, the Netherlands, and maybe I’ll throw in some info about webradios as well. I still thing people just want to see my nice microphone.

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