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December 18, 2007

Lifehacking and guest blogging

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The second edition of Lifehacking Academy in Arnhem was again successful and had some good vibes floating around. After giving my podcasting workshop to a small group of very curious people, I attended an unconference led by Microsoft employee Peter de Haas. It is nice that Microsoft lets him take part in these things without having to plug anything. That was very refreshing.

On a literally other note, I can’t help by share my enthusiasm for the latest Phonoboy album, “Pas de Temps”, an indie pop/rock band from Munich that sings in French. Besides a very tight sound, their French lyrics are very functional and to the point, something Francophones don’t generally do.

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December 6, 2007

Lifehacking Academy event Arnhem, December 11

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It is time for the second edition of the Lifehacking Academy, which will move east and take place at Het Hoofdkwartier in Arnhem on 11 December. I will be giving my podcast workshop and there will be congresses, unconferences, drinks, a Palace of Wisdom, tons of Macintoshes to hammer at and best of all, some very enthusiatic speakers including Sanne Roemen, Martijn Aslander and Taco Oosterkamp.

Find out more about hacking your life and keep up to date with the Lifehacking Academy on the most popular Dutch blog in the world, nu.nl.

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