December 22, 2005


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Next to writing, recording and talking people’s ears off about music, listening to music has to be one of my favourite things to do. Following musical trends is not my bag, although wondering why things ever were trendy is. Besides my daily dose of French retro I’ve been listening to Nicola Conte, anything from the Easy Tempo series, chewy disco, eighties techno and some Christmas music. It’s all about sitting on a trusty, comfy sofa. I don’t even own a sofa, that must be it.

I remember a long time ago saying that when I got older, jazz would be part of my life. I started listening to jazz when I was 13 with my best friend at the time. Her father had an enormous jazz collection. Back then, we were into pop and new wave, but every once in a while we’d put on things that were teenager-friendly enough like Manhattan Transfer or hard bebop we would make fun of. Our initiation included Miles Davis (we could take it), Keith Jarrett (we had to hear the story of how he walked off stage because someone wasn’t quiet enough in the front row from her mom over and over), and Sarah Vaughn, a live concert in Winnipeg, Canada taped from the radio.

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