February 27, 2006

Weird records

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Canary record

There’s nothing like some silly, harmless entertainment. I used to go to this dusty warehouse in my native Montréal and buy stacks of 45s for a few Canadian dollars. I once read an article about American visual artist/robot maker Mark Pauline in which he said he grabbed a bunch of records at a garage sale and that became his collection. I basically did the same thing, although I never realised what kind of weirdness I owned. This canary record is one of these weird 45s.

I started buying vinyl again, albeit a little more seriously. I find second hand things here in Europe at markets, but I have also bought a few things recently that are more expensive than CDs. Since I started DJing again, it was about time I had a decent vinyl collection and not just stacks of CDs or weird canary records. This record is part of a ‘collection’ of truly odd bits I have lying around. The rest is worse!

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