Month: March 2006

March 15, 2006

Dutch celebrities

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Canary record

Although there are tons of Dutch celebrities who enjoy national popularity, very few of them interest me because they seem to only appeal to Dutch people. Here is a list of Dutch celebrities I feel have added to my personal culture as a non-Dutch person. As I write this I notice it will be mostly men…

Van Kooten and de Bie
Actors, writers and even singers. They enriched the Dutch dictionary.

Jules Deelder
Mostly known as a poet, he is also a jazz DJ. His jazz compilations are simply brilliant.

Martin Lodewijk
I like this cartoonist for his Agent 327, a James Bond parody with a distinct Dutch flavour.

Najib Amhali
Of Moroccan decent, he’s a comedian and actor that can make jokes about anything. He’s also very musical.

Olav Mol
Sports journalist, mostly F1, comes off very rude in English at times and does not even notice that it irritates the people he interviews.

Tom Coronel, Tim Coronel, Allard Kalff, Sandra van der Sloot and many other drivers.

Robert Jensen
I knew he had a Canadian accent! Radio and TV personality, he combines a Dutch laidback presentation with a slightly more North American, in-your-face manner.

March 2, 2006

Corporate record

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Skidoo record

Skidoo record

Here is a weird record indeed. It’s a Canadian promo 45 for Ski-Doo snowmobiles or it could have been to promote a book about snowmobiles. Truth is, I’m not going to spend too much time looking for details. This is reminiscent of the ‘bilingual’ trend in advertising of the early 1970s in Canada. In other words, both versions are quite uninspired, but yeah, it’s a corporate record! I have more of these. I should probably get my head examined. I noticed that Belgium did weird stuff like this as well in both French and Flemish. And I don’t mean the lovely bilingual rendition of songs by Jacques Brel, either. I once read a French Belgian book from the 1960s about Brel, which had listings of his songs in other languages. The Flemish versions of his songs were listed under “foreign recordings”. Ouch.

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