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December 18, 2007

Lifehacking and guest blogging

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The second edition of Lifehacking Academy in Arnhem was again successful and had some good vibes floating around. After giving my podcasting workshop to a small group of very curious people, I attended an unconference led by Microsoft employee Peter de Haas. It is nice that Microsoft lets him take part in these things without having to plug anything. That was very refreshing.

On a literally other note, I can’t help by share my enthusiasm for the latest Phonoboy album, “Pas de Temps”, an indie pop/rock band from Munich that sings in French. Besides a very tight sound, their French lyrics are very functional and to the point, something Francophones don’t generally do.

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November 25, 2007

Filles Fragiles CD out now

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Filles Fragiles

Finally, after about two years of hard work, the Filles Fragiles CD compiled by DJ Guuzbourg of Filles Sourires fame is finally here! The CD contains French pop music with an emphasis on soft sung female singers. On November 24 the launch was kicked off by a short yet nice performance by Paris’ Peppermoon (who are still looking for a record label). Then, DJ Guuzbourg along with myself, DJ Natashka alternately manned and womaned the turntables. And after that, special guest DJ Martin Hemmel all the way from Munich did what he does best: mix up French cuts to perfection while everyone dances it out of their system.Yes, people, there is a French scene in Amsterdam and it’s a groovy joint effort at that. Pictures coming soon, we’re still drinking coffee at this point.

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November 21, 2007

WordPress upgrades, events and more

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juggling balls

I am having my four sites upgraded to WordPress 2.3.1, hence the new look of things on 24oranges, Dunglish, Radio Oh la la and Chez Natasha. And then once this is all sorted, we (as in me and some friends) will be launching blog/website number 5, more on this when it’s ready.

Look out for an article with me and some francophile friends in Dutch magazine HP/De Tijd within two weeks. Guuzbourg and his new Filles Fragiles CD and Les Playmobils will be mentioned too.

I’ll also be going on about podcasts again at the upcoming second edition of the Lifehacking Academy in Arnhem, the Netherlands, and maybe I’ll throw in some info about webradios as well. I still thing people just want to see my nice microphone.

November 1, 2007

Chick Habit Party – It’s my business

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Chick Habit

On November 24, French grooviness will descend upon Amsterdam in a big way. Recent news reveals that Peppermoon will be giving an acoustic performance to kick off the evening’s Filles Fragiles CD launch. The liner notes contain a text by Dutch writer Ronald Giphart, which I was asked to translate into English. He coined the Dutch neologism ‘zuchtmeisje’ (a girl that makes you sigh), which I translated as ‘girl to sigh for’. It could be misread as a girl that sighs, and so I did have to think about it.

Not only will I be DJing alongside Guuzbourg, the French fan of Bossa Boogie, who will be letting out his inner unshaven, chain-smoking Gallic twin, but the famous Martin Hemmel, resident DJ of Munich’s Atomic Cafe will be making his first Amsterdam appearance!

So this may all sound like night time fun, but it is business! Think of me next time you need anything French and cool for a product launch, a company party – you name it, I take requests.

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