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September 3, 2008

Where there’s smoke, there’s fire

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Freezer flambé

Now here’s something that has never happened to me before: my freezer caught fire yesterday. It freaked me out completely, as it could have been a helluvalot worse.

I had turned it off for months, as it’s too big for one person and I rarely used it. Trying to save electricity and all, even though it’s included in the rent.

I bought some sorbet for dessert and decided to clean my freezer and turn it on again. The thing started smoking and making electrical noises you hear in the movies. I turned off all the power in the house and that thing kept going. I went outside, left the door open and called the fire brigade, the whole shebang.

They came in 5 mins, going up my one-way street (they can do that), and six huge masked individuals ran into my kitchen to crush the evil.

The cops came later and told me to go drink tea with the upstairs neighbour. I don’t like the cops much – go figure. And I still think the fire brigade are the best public servants around. They rock.

The fridge that leaks and is not mine and that I want replaced, leaked onto the electricity of the freezer. Or something dangerously stupid like that.

I had bought sorbet because a friend of mine came over for dinner. I hadn’t seen him in a while and pardon the pun, but this was an interesting ice breaker.

I just sent my landlord who lives downstairs and missed the show this picture. Maybe he’ll finally change the electricity in this flat. I also expect a new fridge and freezer set in the near future.

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