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June 9, 2008

Fokke & Sukke cartoon just for me

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(Caption: Wow! Via Natasha we’re just one step removed from… Kevin, Steve, Ed, Jim & Tyler!)

The reference is to the members of Canadian band Barenaked Ladies from Toronto, which ironically I interviewed and enjoyed live by the sea in Daytona Beach, Florida on Spring Break back in 1989 or so. Jean-Marc Van Tol said he likes them a lot.

I love the Dutch cartoon Fokke & Sukke and the book I had signed was in Russian, hence the Russian title. French translations are coming up and there was even a Hungarian book for sale.

This all took place during last weekend’s Stripdagen in Haarlem, an entire weekend of outdoor comic strips sales, meeting artists, live interviews, guinea pig races and many other fun events. We had two days of sun and it was just great.

Here below some people enjoying cartoons and one of the many artists of the Nieuw Gehoer ‘paddock’, as they call them in the business. It was also nice to hang out with the folks from Rotterdam cartoon mag Zone 5300 of which I know a few people who draw and write for them. I now have some bedtime reading for a while!


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